About me:

Hello and welcome to my website...
While living in Alaska I found a passion for photography. I took that passion back home to North Dakota, where I now live, and those images are found here. I hope you will enjoy my website and feel free to look around.
If you would like to purchase any items let me know on the "Contact Me" page of which photo (each album images are numbered) and size photo you are thinking about and I will get back to you on completing that item with estimated shipping time. I can print glossy, matte and metallic pictures and also get canvas wraps or metal prints done as well.
Photo Prints:
4 x 6"  - $5
5 x 7"  - $10
8 x 10"  - $20
11 x 14"  - $50 (If available)
16 x 20"  - $75 (If available)

Canvas Wrap:
16X24" - $175
20 x 30" - $210 (If available)
24 x 36" - $250 (If available)

Metal Print:
16 x 24" - $190 (If available)
20x 30" - $230 (If available)
Thank you for your visit.